Recruit Rock-Star Employees on a Budget

Excited to see this post on Young Entrepreneur. It’s something I’m sure a lot of us think about frequently:

The best way to hire A-players is to be one yourself. In my many interviews with Silicon Valley venture capitalists, I learned that the best startup CEOs have great reputations among the people they’ve worked with in the past. Make sure you can tell compelling stories that show you have superior industry knowledge and a strong vision for your company’s future.

There are companies out there that seem to snatch up all of the best talent. It’s not because they have lots of money (although that helps). It’s because they have an exciting story to tell and a killer team.

I know that working with top players has had the greatest impact on my capabilities. I want to work with people that inspire me; I can only assume that for people to want to be on my team I have to inspire them.